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Table of Contents

Chapter 1     Critical Thinking | Free Will

Critical thinking, free will, ethics, and leadership are essential for success. By purifying our motives, becoming aware of who we are, and building strong personal values, we can make better decisions. We need to resist temptations, focus on what’s best for everyone, and evaluate evidence skillfully. Let’s develop these skills, reduce suffering, increase happiness, and make a positive impact.

Chapter 2     Love | Karma | Pain | Release

This Chapter contains a message about recognizing pain and using it as a signal to change something in our lives. It encourages us to explore our subconscious minds and release what is not serving our highest good.

Chapter 3   Hypnosis | Hidden Conditioning | Past Lives

This chapter explores the connection between hypnosis and introspection. It suggests that becoming more introspective can help release negative patterns and emotions that may have developed earlier in time. The author argues that simplicity is the key to finding a happy balance in modern life, and that introspection can be a powerful tool for transforming and healing ourselves. Through hypnosis, clients can gain awareness of their patterns and life goals, and learn to love others and acquire knowledge of our true nature. The chapter also explores the concept of reincarnation which suggests that our consciousness is not bound by the linear concept of time but is a part of the space-time continuum.

Chapter 4   Personal Growth

The chapter discusses the importance of critical thinking in personal growth and success. It highlights the need to examine one’s spirituality, perceptions, and understanding of different perspectives. It also stresses the significance of developing a strong set of personal values and using critical thinking skills to make ethical decisions. The text mentions the characteristics of self-actualized critical thinkers, including their ability to differentiate between what is fake and genuine, treating life’s difficulties as problems demanding solutions, enjoying solitude, and having a sense of humility and respect towards others.

Chapter 5   Thoughts | Emotions

Our thoughts and emotions hold great power in affecting our potential. Dr. David R. Hawkins created a scale ranking emotions from shame to enlightenment. Achieving a balanced brain is essential to unlocking our full potential. Cereset is an innovative technology that assists the brain in re-balancing itself. By focusing on positivity, we can create new neural networks and re-wire our brains.

Chapter 6   If I Were Metaphysical

This chapter describes my beliefs if I were metaphysical.  Religion cannot do for me what I fail to do for myself. The highest aim of religion is self-knowledge; interpretations differentiate religions and divide. To become spiritual, I treat my relationship with God as a partnership. I spend more time with more evolved people. My spiritual guide(s) will help get information to me one way or another. Changing and evolving takes time, is a step-by-step process, and an ongoing journey.

Chapter 7   Wealth | Happiness | Spirituality

We need to understand that having material success without spirituality can lead to a lack of inner and outer peace, greed, and war, while spirituality without material development can result in poverty and hunger. Money doesn’t always bring happiness, and pursuing wealth can lead to a lack of inner peace.

Chapter 8   Change | Group Think

Groups influence our behavior.  Leaving a group can lead to more nuance, flexibility, and doubt. This chapter emphasizes the importance of fitting in with the groups we join, whether they be friends, employers, churches, or virtual communities. It suggests that nutrition can play a crucial role in changing our habits and behavior.  Lastly, the text encourages feeding our brains better thoughts to achieve permanent change.

Chapter 9   Religion

Religion and spirituality have influenced our world, providing order and self-awareness. We can learn from great minds like Thomas Jefferson and Einstein, who encourage us to seek truth within ourselves and live with compassion. By striving to become better individuals and remaining open to new ideas, we can create a more peaceful and harmonious world. Let us embrace a spiritual approach to life that inspires us to be our best selves.

Chapter 10   Spiritual | Metaphysical Concepts To Contemplate

  • Group 1 Look For The Soul In Yourself And Others
  • Group 2 The Spiritual Gap Between Consciousnesses
  • Group 3 Self Programming
  • Group 4 Introspection is the Key to Evolving
  • Group 5 Self Healing
  • Group 6 Rebuilding the Brain
  • Group 7 Becoming Spiritual
  • Group 8 The Power of Understanding
  • Group 9 The Unconscious Mind
  • Group 10 Making Better Use of the Unconscious Mind
  • Group 11  Developing Your True Self
  • Group 12  The Power of Observation
  • Group 13  Being Who You Want To Be
  • Group 14  Changing
  • Group 15  Mastering Emotions
  • Group 16 Decision Making
  • Group 17  Letting Others Be Themselves
  • Group 18  Marriage
  • Group 19  Putting the Cart before the Horse
  • Group 20  Politics
  • Group 21   Evolving

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