Newspapers provide news and editorials.  It is the editorials that slant the truth to the opinions of the owners.  The same is true of television where there are news shows and there are opinion shows. 

When we watch these shows we need to remember which ones we are watching.  We can be very gullible and opinion shows take advantage of the gullible person.  

We can’t accept everything we read on editorial pages or see on opinion shows.  We need to allow ourselves to be entertained without being brainwashed.  Wise people will check out what seems stretched and when doing so will not use a biased source or will at least look at sources that have opposite biases.

Anybody that listens to radio opinion and accepts what they hear there is not trying to be informed and in fact are hopelessly lost to deceit.  I realize that it is fun to hear and read what supports our own opinions but we do so at our own peril if we don’t see where we are being manipulated.

Most of us can repeat only a few points that opinion pieces make and we sound shallow when we state our positions based on those few points that we can repeat.  So, let’s get those right.



Posted by Viet funny videos on Tuesday, April 17, 2018
Here is a funny depiction showing how perspectives do not change