I have moved around the country a little bit and have called California, Arizona, Oregon, New Hampshire, and Washington home.  I lived in Idaho for three months as well but never owned a home there and therefore have never called Idaho home.  Outside of California, there seems to be animosity toward California and Californians. Animosity is too weak of a word to describe what I have heard from many many people.  Some hate the whole idea of California.

Outside of work, I meet more people playing golf.  I usually join a league when I don’t know enough golfers to make a foursome that want to play about as often as I do.  I think there are many more conservatives that play golf than liberals.  It seems like that anyway.  I have to admit, politics doesn’t come up that much during a round of golf and that is usually for the best.  People have so much in common that it makes it easy for us to be with each other, laugh a little, joke a little–until politics gets in the way.

Why do conservatives have such a bad opinion of liberals?  Polls show that we agree on over 50% of the issues.  Having a low opinion of Californians ignores the fact that California has the fifth-largest economy in the world and has been the main engine for American growth for the last 50 years.  It is not sufficiently acknowledged just how immense the California economy is.

How can California be this successful if it is full of lazy low character people?  If not viewed as lazy then maybe California is viewed as having an open, experimental culture.  But it is that open, experimental culture that has long attracted entrepreneurs and it has contributed to the movie, tech and aerospace industries flourishing there.

According to Forbes, there are 724 billionaires in the United States, and California is home to 189 — roughly a quarter of the total.

California politics is dominated by the Democratic party.  It seems to be working.

Six Political Parties

None of us fit entirely in one of the two major Parties.  And yet we tend to vote straight Party tickets as if we did.  If we were to answer questions about where we stand on 20 issues we might find ourselves in one of six Parties.  That would be a good thing and maybe the only way we escape the chains that keep us from working together.  Try it here: