I created this website to share my thoughts on life and lately it has been too much about politics so let’s get back to original intent and think about how love affects our potential.  Love is what makes this world work.  Without it we would fall apart.  The more we open to it the more we are.  We open to love by allowing ourselves to feel pain.  If I feel pain over the departure of a friend or loved one, is it rooted in love or confused with love?  If I feel the pain of emptiness where is the love in that?  If I am suffering the pain of ridicule, lambasting, shame, where does my suffering to all this open me to love?  And, if I feel the pain of being less than I want to be, what does love have to do with that?

Asking the question is a perfect start.  Whatever we allow and accept becomes glued to us.  If anything breaks free from that glue we tend to allow and accept something else to take their place because we are magnets—we draw things to us and we allow what we draw to us to stick. They stick to us, they stick to each other.  What sticks to us starves or feeds our potential.  What is sticking to you?

Pain always wants to stick on us and then victim comes along and sticks to the pain.  Anger loves pain and victim and sticks to the victim that is sticking to the pain.  Pain and victim and anger and revenge have found homes on many of us starving our potential.

We want to attract right things to us.  Interestingly, our conscious mind naturally fears not being right.  Subconsciously or emotionally we naturally fear not being accepted.  Physically, we naturally fear physical and emotional pain.

If love sticks to us it is because love uniquely sticks to love.  Power sticks to love and force sticks to fear.  If we attract other things like control, self-interest, fear, hate, jealousy, ownership, and the like, we feel pain as we go through life’s situations.  The pain helps us understand what is sticking to us.

We need to recognize the pain and understand it.  There are ways of doing this but it starts with a decision to change, a decision that has no grey areas, a pure black or white decision.  So write that decision with black ink on white paper so we can clearly see it.

I am changing!

I am evolving!

The first step is recognizing that pain is our signal that we need to change something, we might not know what to change yet, but we do know that our next step is to start exploring.

We might already consciously know what it is we need to do or think differently, or we might need our subconscious minds to help us figure it out.  There is so much power in our subconscious minds where there is an unlimited amount of information about us.

Our subconscious minds can tell us, can show us, what is sticking to us and we can release what is not serving our highest good once we have been shown.

There are things that are sticking to us that dog us and we often do not even realize it.  We have learned to live with the pain and we no longer recognize it as pain, we get used to it, yet we are not happy, not as happy as we could be, for it is there lying hidden, perhaps sticking to something several layers away from our core magnet.

While I am sure that we determine what sticks to us by what we think and do, I also believe that the situations we encounter are dictated by what is sticking to us.  It is like we are in a giant lab and we are the rats.  The tester wants to know what will stick to us and what will not and in what situations will that hold true.

Imagine with me that an energy form is introduced to our magnet and we begin to react.  One of us lab rats will notice the energy as if it were a light rain over the ocean that will soon evaporate and return to the tester.  Another of us lab rats will feel that energy hang on us like a storm digging into and prying up the ocean causing all sorts of havoc.  And, there are lab rats that react in all ways in-between.

We create our own storms and until we can figure out what we are doing that creates these storms we continue to be tested upon; or said in another way, the more the system presents us with situations that allow us to figure out what we are doing wrong.  If we don’t notice the cloudy day, maybe we will notice the hail, lightning, and thunder.

We can complain about being in this lab or we can participate in the science of reinventing ourselves.  If it is pain that we are experiencing let’s look at it as a clue to finding our highest good.

Let’s go back to the pain, victim, anger, revenge circle that sticks to some of us.  The concept of karma would suggest that we have dues to pay.  What goes around comes around; do onto others as you would have them do onto you.  Philosophically, east seems to agree with west and west with east about payback; at least we have ways of saying the same thing.  So for every time we were a victim or a savage do we have an equal number of situations where there is payback?

Or is bad karma not so much payback but self induced pain from making repeated bad decisions derived from habit and instinct imbedded in our subconscious minds and cells of our bodies that causes us to again be victims and savages?   And could our behavior be so strong in our subconscious that we are unable to appreciate perspective from someone else that is different from ours?  And, do we repeat over and over again the pain until we find a way to release it?

Likewise for good karma, the more we are loving souls providing service to others, the harder it is for us to make bad decisions and the less pain we have in our lives.  But let’s face it, as long as we are in body, we have not evolved to the point where we have subconsciously accepted that we are the infinite even if we have consciously done so, and we decay.

There are over 6 billion people on Earth and souls therefore have entered bodies that were born into many different situations and conditions.  Some of our souls are in bodies born into wealthy and perhaps very materialistic families while others are born into poor but perhaps spiritual families and everything in between.  Some of our souls are in bodies born healthy and some are born weak and deformed and everything in between.  Some of our souls are in bodies born in a land of opportunity and hope and others are born in the land of repression and famine and everything in between.  Why?

Could there be a system that puts us where we can add to our subconscious minds a little more up when it is dominated with down, a little more support when it needs a little boost, a little humility when it needs perspective?  That does not sound like karma payback.  That sounds like in a free will planet there is a system that helps us clean our magnets.  If this were true, shouldn’t we be spending more time finding out what might be in our closets and cleaning out what does not serve our highest good?  Or do we want to let the system put us in the situations that help us get fed up with our behaviors, lets us sink to the low point if necessary so that the only direction we can go is up?

Why is it so important to clean our subconscious?  Freud and Jung tell us the contents of the subconscious perpetually seep into conscious awareness.  Eventually they came to realize that when rage, lust, revenge, etc. are denied access to the civilized conscious mind, they do not disappear but continue to live out an entirely independent psychic existence in the subconscious.  There they drain away energy from the conscious system, causing depression, anxiety, neurosis, phobias, etc., or else they erupt as physical symptoms, irrational moods, or slips of the tongue.

Both Carl Jung and Sigmund Freud concurred on this fundamental picture of the human psyche:  that each of us carries within us a whole other world, shadowy and fantastic, to be sure, but teemingly alive with inner figures, melodramas, grievances and fears, that are constantly exerting their influence over our every word and deed.

So while it feels that we have a clean conscious mind, a civilized conscious mind, that mind can be corrupted just like data on a computer and this usually becomes visible under stress.  A sports car might handle nicely until it is pushed to its limits and then it spins out.  Occasionally we may get out of control and then get right back in control.

Sometimes we act out because of what is seeping into our conscious minds that is still a part of our subconscious minds.  And, if we find ourselves in more stressful situations we might see that our civilized conscious minds do not stay civilized as whatever is in our subconscious mind begins to flow instead of seep.  When that happens we add more dirt to our closets.  It is extremely important to clean our closets while we are in our civilized conscious minds.  As the advertisement goes, what’s in your wallet (closet)?

There are ways to clean our closets.  Be warned though from this quote from Edgar Cayce:  “…There are no individuals who haven’t at some time been warned as respecting that that may arise in their daily or physical existence!  Have they heeded?  Do they heed to that as may be given as advice?  No!  It must be experienced!”

If we want to be a better friend, spouse, supervisor, parent, leader, manager, artist, whatever it is that we want to be, we need to look inward and clean our closets before we can truly reach our potential.  Then what creeps into our conscious minds from our subconscious minds nourishes our potential instead of starving it.

Norman Vincent Peale declared, “Change your thoughts, and you change your world.”  Caroline Myss, medical intuitive states, “Every choice we make, every thought and feeling we have, is an act of power that has biological, environmental, social, personal and global consequences.”  Wayne Dyer states, “We are responsible for everything in our lives, including whether the chemistry in our body works or doesn’t work.”

Norman Vincent Peale, Caroline Myss and Wayne Dyer have written that our choices, thoughts and feelings are an act of power, and that we continue to be responsible, and are in control of our health.  What we choose to say and think today creates our tomorrows.

Einstein’s Theory of Relativity says matter and energy are interchangeable.  Mass is nothing but a form of energy.  Matter is simply slowed down or crystallized energy.  Our bodies are energy.

There are two core emotions, love and fear; all others can be called sub-emotions.  When we fill our cells, our entire being, our magnets, our closets with love, we automatically approve of ourselves, and we believe in the divine power to provide for us.  Then fear cannot take our peace nor prevent joy from filling our lives.  The more love we accumulate on our magnets the harder it will be for illness and uncomfortable experiences to find a place to stick.

To have peace within oneself, the material consciousness must be made to move toward our spiritual consciousness.  When the gap is closed, when the material consciousness becomes one with the soul consciousness, our closets stop collecting clutter.  We can do this by using our free will. Our free will however, has to be found for it is often buried in our habits and instincts that can perpetuate and justify our existence in the material consciousness.  If our deeds and thoughts are negative, it will not be until our will, if ever, is strong enough to recognize them as a bad habit or behavior and stop.

Eventually we are all going to evolve—some faster than others—some willingly—some kicking and screaming, but evolve we will.  For those bodies and minds that are hooked on drugs, alcohol, sex, power, greed, ego, hate, and fear or are starving, wet, cold, diseased—evolving is most difficult.  Just surviving another day is the challenge.  So we have a world where people are advancing spiritually and actually pulling others up and a world where people are declining spiritually and pulling others down.

If we choose to be ruled by our choice rather than habit, every such choice is liberating.  Each one broadens our understanding and strengthens our will power and our ability to live in harmony with self and others.

Each time we refuse to give in to some temptation against our highest good, we are resurrecting our original soul consciousness from the control of the desire-bound body and mind and closing the gap correctly.  Whenever we resist the inclination to retaliate when misunderstood, or set aside a personal desire in order to benefit someone else, we are reaching beyond the confines of self toward our true soul consciousness and correctly close the gap.

When we seek more of the win-win relationships and serve the global perspective we are resurrected into the larger more evolved aspect of caring and self-sacrifice, by which others are felt as a part of our expanded self, and we correctly close the gap.

With all the free will and absent minded habits and instincts running around this planet paying attention to material aspects of life, there would seem we would all be having to live with our gaps.  Let’s look at that pain thing again.  Pain has been made available to us to help us see a greater wisdom and joy outside the material world that is available in the spiritual world if we seek it.  If we don’t know something better exists and the inferior product isn’t giving us any trouble we go along with the motto of if its not broke don’t fix it.

Many of us do not recognize the roots of our pain but we see the material results and wonder why me, or why not me, or why them?  For those who cannot connect the misfortune to their or others’ situations, the System is invisible.

So what is the System?

It is to love God, eschew evil, and love thy neighbor as thyself.

We have all heard the phrase:  The truth shall set you free.  But free of what–Of enforcement?  Yes, but better put would be:  from our subconscious minds and primitive parts of our brains.

Our original soul consciousnesses want to give charity to all, love to all, finding fault with none, being patient with all, showing brotherly love and brotherly kindness.  Doing these in thought, purpose, and intent will set us free—free of the creep from our subconscious minds—from the negative things that would cling to our magnets, free from the clutter that otherwise would collect in our closets.

Is there order in our life or is there chaos?  Is there order in this world or is there chaos?  Is there some chaos?  Being in total compliance with our original soul consciousnesses brings order to our life and to the world.  Being out of compliance, disregarding or not recognizing our original soul conscious desires, brings chaos and destructive forces into our lives.

If our lives are disturbing, if we have sad hearts or have pain in our bodies, we are in some way creating our gaps or still living with gap created cluttered closets perhaps from prior lives or other dimensions that have yet to be fully recognized or corrected.

We can all do better and we are blessed when we, let’s say this again, get a friendly nudge or even a hard poke.  Is it not better to recognize the friendly nudges and act upon them rather than requiring the hard pokes to make changes in our thinking, purpose, and intent?  We should not think of the body as a haphazard machine or that things that happen to us are chance.  It is all part of living with gaps or having allowed our gaps to close by moving our original soul consciousness toward our material consciousness!

What is the power behind our thinking, purpose, and intent?  Let’s put it this way:  according to Edgar Cayce, “that which comes or begins first is conceived in spirit, grows in the mental, manifests in the material”.  We must develop our original spiritual consciousness and use it.

If something is going to come about materially, let’s let it be from the seed of original spiritual consciousness.  If we don’t like our current material situations we need to explore our spiritual consciousness.  We can ask ourselves why me but only if we also ask what might this nudge or situation I find myself in be all about. If we are to have more noble things come our way, not that we have all the wisdom needed to discern which things are the most noble, we need to be introspective and wake up.

When we begin to develop our intuition we allow ourselves to be guided through our spiritual consciousness.  We must be able to distinguish intuition derived through spiritual guidance from habit derived through our subconscious mind.  If we haven’t taken care of what we have chosen to consciously do and think about, our intuition isn’t intuition and instead it is habit and instinct and as such could guide us wrong. Yogananda, Jung, Freud, and others have told us: “Once repeated thoughts and deeds stick in our subconscious mind we might have to live with them repeatedly and compulsively as a habit or instinct”.

We need to read.  We need to learn.  We need to allow ourselves to open to the spiritual world that is not defined by our five senses.  Start by reading without judgment.  Allow new ideas to sit off to the side until we are ready to be open to them, to explore them with a more evolved mind that evolves through persistence and openness and stagnates with quick judgments.

When we sincerely seek to be led by our spiritual consciousness, when we truly are willing to be led by our souls, we are guided and begin to notice our guidance.    Our job in receiving this guidance is to concentrate and attune ourselves to those spiritual forces.

Just because we might only use one consciousness, our material consciousness, we still have others.  As we open to those various spheres of understanding, we attain an insight and feeling into these various planes.  Once we have access to a new plane, use it, and we will attain the next plane of evolvement, of potential, of   consciousness.  Use it or lose it.

We have all had restless moments where we have felt that we needed to get out and do something.  During these times some will say they need a good stiff drink or maybe a double cheeseburger, fries and a shake.  Some may feel the urge to take a run or a brisk walk, work out, climb a rock.  Some might experience anxiety for the first time and be scared by it.  There is a good chance we are reacting to the gap.  People that have participated in neurofeedback can experience these gap triggers as well because there has actually been a gap change.  For those that feel anxiety don’t just sit there and be frightened, start doing some yogi breathing.

There are two gap triggers.  If we are moving along with our evolvement and something has entered into our lives that we have reacted to in a way that our spirit consciousness truly wanted to handle differently we get a gap trigger.  Also when we make a major jump in our evolvement and our spirit consciousness is more consistently directing our lives and reactions to events, people, and circumstances we get a gap trigger.  We will always be temporarily out of our comfort zone when we change, for the good or for the bad.

Where do we begin in our commitment to regain our original spiritual consciousness?  We begin by reading and we spend time in nature.  When we can escape to the peaceful quiet of beautiful nature we are where the Spirit of Creation emanates.  It is in nature that we need to try to attune our minds to the divine that is within us all.