It’s been awhile since I have Posted so instead of writing a new one without a real desire to do so, I am Posting one originally published in May 2020.  It is somewhat metaphysical but I now accept the information as fact.  You may not.

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Fun and Collaborative Is Better

I know that the best exercise is fun and collaborative which is more beneficial than going to a gym where we interact as if we were in an elevator. The goal of exercise, whether it is fun or not, is to fend off heart disease and diabetes, reduce our weight, improve our strength, fight depression, and boost our mood.

I am aware that singing in groups calms heart rates and boosts endorphin levels and the long list of other benefits might make group singing more valuable than exercise.

I am aware that dancing increases the area of the brain that declines with age, improves balance fights off diseases like Alzheimer’s while improving memory and learning. I am aware that the best dancing for health routines are ones that make us change every two weeks from jazz to square to Latin to line that keeps us in constant learning.

I am aware that children who play rhythmic, synchronized clap-and-tap games are more likely to do good and will more often mix with others not in their original group than do children who played nonsynchronous games. I am aware that even swinging in time with other kids on a swing creates cooperative and collaborative skills.

 Self-Observation Is Powerful.

I am aware that our behaviors, habits, tendencies, first reactions, biases, prejudices, etc. can be changed if we observe them, look for their roots, and are open to new ideas that help us evolve and not stagnate.  If we want to consistently make ethical decisions that are global in nature we need to dig deep within our unconscious selves and replace the roots of our thinking, behavior, tendencies, and habits.

Attractiveness Can Be Increased

I have become aware that I can become more attractive; that enthusiasm, energy, passion are as important, if not more so, than physical attractiveness

Time Only Moves Forward

I am aware that while I have enjoyed much of my life to date, learned from my experiences, and still squirm when thoughts recall blunders. I have learned that time will move on without me if I don’t keep up. It’s easier to keep up if I pull up the anchor.

Imagining The Future

I am aware that nostalgia is a good thing and is a window into which I have been gives meaning to my present.  I am aware that how well I can imagine myself in the future affects what I do in the present.  Together, nostalgia and my vision of the future work to enhance the significance of the present.

Awe Moments

I am aware that time can briefly move forward without us and those times are when we are experiencing something awe inspiring.  It could be as simple as lightning and thunder storm or feeling the power of nature.  That short period time stops is like stretching a rubber band, one that always snaps back and puts us back on the clock in real time.

Less as a straight Line and More as a Circle

Einstein’s space-time continuum states that the apparent linearity of events depends on the observer.  And since all experience is interconnected, and if we become aware of this interconnectedness and allow that interconnectedness into our cognitive processes, we can be aware of all events independent of all time.

I am not sure what that means but I like it.  It makes me think of life’s time line less as a straight line and more as a circle.


I am aware that anger can be addictive and unlike anxiety, shame or depression, it drives us towards the object of our arousal. Our brains become out of balance when we get angry as our left hemisphere is strongly activated. That causes us to use simple logic because the context processing right hemisphere didn’t keep up.

The angrier we get, the more we lose our ability to process subtlety and nuance. Reality comes to be seen in simplistic, good-or-bad, all-or-nothing perspectives. Other people come to be seen as ‘stupid’ or ‘evil’ for having differing opinions. All kinds of neutral events are seen with paranoia, as intentional threats.

Seeing Goodness and Beauty

Every thought we have either strengthens or weakens our ability to reconnect to the higher and fastest energy in the universe.  If we ask why we are not as happy as are others the answer might be that others have learned to see goodness and beauty everywhere and we perhaps do not because we cannot see outside what we fail to see inside.  (Thanks to Dr. David Hawkins and Anthony de Mello)

Happiness and Money

I have found additional peace from learning that lots of money doesn’t increase happiness after reading a 2010 Princeton study that found that happiness plateaus at a household income of $75,000 a year on average in America with some states higher like California ($90,000) and some lower according to a followup study by the Huffington Post.