As you might have guessed, my name is Fred. This is my outlet for dealing psychologically with life, politics, and religion.

Over the years I have jotted down some of my thoughts or taken notes on something I have read. We all tend to better understand ourselves, life, and issues when we put our thoughts in writing.  I am sharing those thoughts and notes here. I consider every Post a draft that will evolve.  Some posts provide information without drawing any conclusions.  I mostly let you draw your own conclusions.

I try to stay independent to better stay away from group think. I worry that I might let my independent thought get corrupted as it so often happens when anybody too closely associates with a group. That said, I lean a little left but not all the time.

I try to be more spiritual than religious. I like science, most people that go to doctors and hospitals do also whether they realize it or not. I am analytical and therefore managed to get a degree in engineering and that along with my career needs led to obtaining an MBA.

I have had the privilege to speak to groups in England and around America on topics including prisons, change, ethics, critical thinking, leadership, and self-awareness and have taught those same topics.

Hello Fred has over 11,000 subscribers. Thanks for checking in.