I’ve made arguments that the Republican Party has long had battles between progressives and conservatives for the control of the Party. It has been in the grasp of conservatives since Reagan and has moved away from progressive icons Lincoln and Teddy Roosevelt. I think it has been going down hill for the last 30 years and hopefully has reached bottom with its enabling of Trump.

The Democratic Party has for the last 12 years seen progressive moderates win control over far left liberal/socialist elements for control of the Party. As a person that is left of center and occasionally slightly right of center, I like what if think and hope is happening within the Democratic Party.

Centrists Progressives in both Parties have a chance to bring this country together and take more steps toward the America that exists in words contained in our Declaration of Independence and Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address.

We need budgets that supports a strategic plan for fixing flaws in the great American experiment. Too many people are in prison and getting them inside those depressing places costs money–money spent of cops, courts, attorney generals, public defenders, judges, jails, probation and parole officers. It’s a system, a system that is needed mostly because too many people don’t have jobs, adequate physical and mental medical care, inexpensive drugs, housing, and opportunity.

We spend a lot on the military and technology is making a lot of that investment out of date. It’s not about outspending everybody else and more about being ready for a new type of war.

The fossil fuel industry has prevented us from being further along with cleaner sources of energy. The pharmaceutical and fossil fuel energy money in politics has not been in our best interest. Both Parties have been influenced but the Republican Party continues to be the Party of big business. Those two industries are very big businesses.