The growth of the independent voter is derived from dislike of the dysfunction in Washington DC tied to our-way-or-no-way practices.  Political Parties have become locked in.

If we are not elected officials, the best way to avoid political group think is to just get out of it. How? Well, to get started, we could register and identify as an Independent voter and then we could, regardless of Party, stop voting for far-right or far-left candidates.  Instead, we could vote for moderates in Primaries that have an impelling vision not tied to Party or historical dogma.

Political Parties are supposed to bring order to the process of policy making. As party members, individual politicians have a ready-made group of allies that will usually cooperate with their efforts to pass and implement legislation. At the national level, this means that a rookie Congressperson is supposed to arrive with a network of allies that would support their efforts and that he/she would support in turn.  That best works when the Party is made up of flexible and willing to compromise INDIVIDUALS.  Otherwise a newly elected person basically votes as they are told.

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