A growing body of research indicates that ADHD kids are far more likely to become criminals, thrill seekers, successful or bankrupt risk obsessive entrepreneurs.  Because of slower than normal waves in the prefrontal cortex, the front of the brain cannot communicate effectively with the midbrain and properly regulate emotions in everyday life.

Brain waves can be measured and a determination can be made if a brain is balanced.  Data is available to determine who are most likely to commit crimes once released from prison based on characteristics not tied to brain waves.  Why not match brainwave data with characteristics data? There are proven methods to balance brainwaves.  The link tied to “Brain waves can be measured” goes to Brain State Technologies.  The link tied to “Data is available” goes to a transcript of Anne Milgram: How Can Smarter Statistics Help Us Fight Crime?

Damage to the cortex from accident, physical abuse, sports, genetics, oxygen deprivation at birth, or drinking by the mother apparently causes slower than normal waves in the front of the brain and the inability to engage the other systems.

Because the brain’s internal communication system in people with slow wave activity in the frontal lobes is sluggish, incoming messages need to be more sensational than normal to achieve the same level of stimulation.

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