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Morals–Short and Sweet One-Liners

Harvey Mackay:  “Occasionally I compile a list of my favorite morals from the past couple of years.  Be my guest to share them!”  Considered them shared.  Thanks.

  • Whatever you’re selling, you’re selling yourself first.
  • Don’t presume what you assume is correct.
  • If you live by a great value system, your life will have great value.
  • Accountability is the ability to accept responsibility.
  • You are only as happy as you decide to be.
  • To be a standout, you must stand for only your best.
  • Some of the best lessons we ever learned, we learned from our mistakes and failures.
  • A sense of humor is almost as important as our other five senses.
  • Be respectful or be regretful.
  • Don’t let excess stress get in the way of extreme success.
  • Teamwork divides the task and multiplies the success.
  • Even if you can’t achieve perfection, you should never stop trying.
  • Unhappiness always seeks to get.  Happiness always seeks to give.
  • If you want to have the time of your life, make the most of your minutes.
  • Great brainstorms should produce plenty of en-lightning!
  • If you are persistent, you will get it.  If you are consistent, you will keep it.
  • Clean up your act, or be prepared to clean out your desk.
  • Your job is always to make someone else’s job easier.
  • You can’t buy confidence, but you can sell it!
  • Parents teach lessons even when they think no one is watching.
  • You are only one question away from success, if it’s the right question.
  • Negotiation is not just about winning, it’s about win-win.
  • A little hiccup won’t end your career, but be careful not to let it choke you.
  • Confidence is keeping your chin up.  Overconfidence is sticking your neck out.
  • Optimists are people who make the best of it when they get the worst of it.
  • Persuasion is an art.  The tongue can paint what the eye can’t see.
  • Talk is cheap, but misunderstandings can be costly.
  • Let curiosity turn “I don’t know” into “I want to find out.”
  • The biggest mistake you can make is pretending that you didn’t make one.
  • When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at often change.
  • When you talk to yourself, make sure you listen carefully.
  • Don’t let your fears get in your head – get ahead of them.
  • Take control of your attitude before it takes control of you.
  • Don’t worry about what you could do if you lived your life over; get busy with what’s left.
  • A little spark can lead to a blazing success.
  • You don’t have to uproot the whole tree to turn over a new leaf.
  • Vision without action is a daydream.  Action without vision is a nightmare.
  • Optimal customer service is not optional.
  • Don’t let your mood turn into your doom.
  • The hardest sale you’ll ever make is to yourself.  But once you’re convinced you can do it, you can.
  • When life tests your mettle, nothing succeeds like an iron will.
  • Solving employee turnover is easier when they own a piece of the pie.
  • Selling isn’t rocket science – it’s people science.
  • Humor is more than funny business.
  • The friendships you cultivate will help you grow.
  • It’s just as easy to look for the good things in life as the bad.
  • Make your stumbling blocks your stepping stones.
  • Admitting your own weaknesses is a sign of strength.
  • Hope is what allows us to remember yesterday’s disappointments and still look forward to tomorrow.

Re-imagining Ourselves

We could ask someone for advise and they could tell us what we need to do differently but that  would be a waste of time.  Why? Because the person we seek advise from can’t change our behavior through reasoned argument.

Edgar Cayce:  “…There are no individuals who haven’t at some time been warned as respecting that that may arise in their daily or physical existence!  Have they heeded?  Do they heed to that as may be given as advice?  No!  It must be experienced!”  Edgar Cayce: “that which comes or begins first is conceived in spirit, grows in the mental, manifests in the material”.  

How do we go about re-imagining ourselves?  We can look at ourselves and at others as campfires.  When building a campfire or trying to get one restarted we can pile on the firewood, stick a piece of paper or a few twigs under the larger pieces of wood, light the paper with a match, and hope to get a fire going.  Usually if we try to jump from the tiny to the large the large never gets going and so it is with our campfire.

If our campfires magically seem to jump from tiny to large we might mock other campfires that are small or just mostly smoke.  We might not even realize how we got our campfires to burn.

Usually, we need to nourish the tiny flame or we will find ourselves complaining about the stubborn large pieces that just won’t cooperate, just won’t burn.  We too end up with a little smoke and it cost us a match and, we have to start all over again.

To get a campfire to burn we need to build from tiny to small to medium to large and it all starts with nourishing the tiny hot spot.  We take a deep breath and blow on this tiny hot spot while we nourish it with twigs and then kindling.  When the kindling starts to burn we add pieces that are just a little larger, and we keep repeating this making sure the little fire gets hotter by fanning it and feeding it.  Eventually we have a big campfire and once we do we can throw the big logs on it and it will thrive even more.

And instead of mocking other campfires that can’t seem to get going we should not be looking and seeing only the campfire and the wood that is not burning; we should be looking for and seeing the hot spot that we can help fan and feed with just a little fuel here and there.  We are all powerful and we can help others get their fires burning and we can get our own fires burning if we just start with our hot spots and continuously nourish them with breath and the appropriate sized fuel.  If a log is thrown on too soon it will not burn and it could smother a campfire that is trying to get started.

To say another way lets think like race car drivers.  They know the best way to get past cars and debris that have crashed in front of them.  Instead of looking at the cars spinning out of control and piling up in front of them they immediately look for an opening and put their entire attention upon this opening and drive through it.  Sometimes the opening is small and not even obvious but whatever opening that seems to exist that is where they look.

We have a choice and it is to focus on the crash or to focus on our safe passage.  If we freeze our stare and concentration on the crash we add to the crash because that is all we saw and it pulled us in.  If we can find that one opening, that one opportunity, fan and nourish that one hotspot, and put our entire attention and sight on it, we will zip past the crash.  Those behind us can follow us into new opportunity or become part of the crash and likewise some will follow us into the crash if that is where we focused.

We need to realize  that our thoughts, our internal dialog, do more to anchor us to where we are than something outside of ourselves; that deserving has more to do with what we send out in the form of thoughts, feelings, words, and deeds than it does with how smart we are.  The energy we send out is the energy we get back. The energy we send out reflects what we feel and that influences what we do, and what we do is who we are.

It’s the feelings that create the energy we send out.  Reality can be nothing more than the result of how we have been flowing our energy.  It only takes 16 seconds to link up vibrationally with negative or positive energy.

Things That I have Learned

 Self-Observation Is Powerful.

Our behaviors, habits, tendencies, first reactions, biases, prejudices, etc. can be changed if we observe them, look for their roots, and are open to new ideas that help us evolve and not stagnate.

Attractiveness Can Be Increased

I have become aware that I can become more attractive; that enthusiasm, energy, passion are as important, if not more so, than physical attractiveness.


Time Only Moves Forward

While I have enjoyed much of my life to date, learned from my experiences, and still squirm when thoughts recall blunders, I have learned that time will move on without me if I don’t keep up. Its easier to keep up if I pull up the anchor.


I am aware that anger can be addictive and unlike anxiety, shame or depression, it drives us towards the object of our arousal. Our brains become out of balance when we get angry as our left hemisphere is strongly activated. That causes us to use simple logic because the context processing right hemisphere didn’t keep up.

The angrier we get, the more we lose our ability to process subtlety and nuance. Reality comes to be seen in simplistic, good-or-bad, all-or-nothing perspectives. Other people come to be seen as ‘stupid’ or ‘evil’ for having differing opinions. All kinds of neutral events are seen with paranoia, as intentional threats.

Seeing Goodness and Beauty

Every thought we have either strengthens or weakens our ability to reconnect to the higher and fastest energy in the universe.  If we ask why we are not as happy as are others the answer might be that others have learned to see goodness and beauty everywhere and we perhaps do not because we cannot see outside what we fail to see inside.  (Thanks to Dr. David Hawkins and Anthony de Mello)

Happiness and Money

I have found additional peace from learning that lots of money doesn’t increase happiness after reading a 2010 Princeton study that found that happiness plateaus at a household income of $75,000 a year on average in America with some states higher like California ($90,000) and some lower according to a followup study by the Huffington Post.

The last words of Steve Jobs –
I have come to the pinnacle of success in business.
In the eyes of others, my life has been the symbol of success.
However, apart from work, I have little joy. Finally, my wealth is simply a fact to which I am accustomed.
At this time, lying on the hospital bed and remembering all my life, I realize that all the accolades and riches of which I was once so proud, have become insignificant with my imminent death.
In the dark, when I look at green lights, of the equipment for artificial respiration and feel the buzz of their mechanical sounds, I can feel the breath of my approaching death looming over me.
Only now do I understand that once you accumulate enough money for the rest of your life, you have to pursue objectives that are not related to wealth.
It should be something more important:
For example, stories of love, art, dreams of my childhood.
No, stop pursuing wealth, it can only make a person into a twisted being, just like me.
God has made us one way, we can feel the love in the heart of each of us, and not illusions built by fame or money, like I made in my life, I cannot take them with me.
I can only take with me the memories that were strengthened by love.
This is the true wealth that will follow you; will accompany you, he will give strength and light to go ahead.
Love can travel thousands of miles and so life has no limits. Move to where you want to go. Strive to reach the goals you want to achieve. Everything is in your heart and in your hands.
What is the world’s most expensive bed? The hospital bed.
You, if you have money, you can hire someone to drive your car, but you cannot hire someone to take your illness that is killing you.
Material things lost can be found. But one thing you can never find when you lose: life.
Whatever stage of life where we are right now, at the end we will have to face the day when the curtain falls.
Please treasure your family love, love for your spouse, love for your friends…
Treat everyone well and stay friendly with your neighbours.

Finding Your Soul

I know that everyone has a lovable soul and a stubborn subconscious mind that remembers behaviors, habits, and instincts.  I need to seek the soul in myself and others and love and encourage that soul while being wary of the subconscious mind that soul has to deal with.  I understand that the bodies that host my and others souls along with the circumstances each of us are uniquely experiencing can hide a soul from me if I am not inclined to seek the soul.

I am aware that I can either move toward being an angry, self-pitying, intolerant, and ego-driven person or toward being a kind, calm, forgiving, serving, loving person.  They both have magnetic pulls and the closer I am to one the greater it’s pull on me and the more I see of like people.  I understand that spite, need for revenge, malice, and clinging to hates and grievances make me ill.

I realize it is wise for me to look within and free myself from what’s in it for me thinking and find ways to be active without selfish ambition. I will seek to serve first before allowing myself to be served.  When I want something I need to determine what that something really is and I need to be sure that what I want is right.  Then I should go after it, and persevere until I get results.  Each day I should practice contacting the Universal Source of Supply through prayer and meditation until I feel the calm peace and joy that indicates I am in tune.  Then I can tell the Heavenly Father my problem.  I should be exact and definite in my prayerful demands for His help.  If I am uncertain, doubtful, and changeable I cannot accomplish my purpose. I need to keep my mental channel clear and my mind turned Godward.

I should dedicate my life to enhancing the welfare of everyone I contact and expect my life to never lose meaning.  I realize that seeking victory over others does not serve myself nor those others but victory over myself is a joy.  I am aware that if the purpose of my life is oriented toward material possession or control it becomes easy for me to lose purpose as the collection process proceeds.

I am aware that I typically learn from only a few of my many individual experiences and therefore I continually monitor my thoughts and am introspective so as to not waste experiences and repeat undesirable ones.  I am fully responsible for myself for I have created my situations and attracted the people that surround me and therefore blaming others or situations ignore what has led me to that point.

The Spiritual Gap between Consciousnesses

I know I do things that sooth my spirit and sometimes I do things that are ego driven.  I know my ego is tied to survival fears and the material world and my spirit or soul seeks a greater understanding, a more universal understanding. When my spirit wants to do one thing and my ego wants to do another there exists a gap between my soul and my ego.  This gap is my internal war–the bigger the gap, the bigger the war.

I know where there is war between my ego and my soul there is restlessness and fear.  Where the gap is small there is peace, calm, and love.  I know I will always be temporarily out of my comfort zone and temporarily feel restless when my gap is closing or widening but I will soon be back in my comfort zone regardless of whether my spirit consciousness is now more consistently directing my life and reactions to events, people, and circumstances or whether my material consciousness is now more consistently guiding my reactions.

I know the gap can be closed either by my spiritual consciousness moving toward my material consciousness resulting in poorer health and harder life situations until I find ways to move my spiritual consciousness away from my material consciousness.  When the material consciousness instead moves toward the soul consciousness, I am full of joy, peace, health, and love.

I know that when it comes time for the white light to present itself, like water seeking its own level, so shall my soul.  I understand the experience is not so much levels and I am forced to go to a certain level once I leave my body.  It is basically the level my soul and not my brain accepts.   In the meantime, I can rethink life’s purpose, and do and think what will make my soul absorb more of the light or I can huddle in darkness.

I know I can begin my commitment to close the gap properly by spending time in nature.  It is easier for me to feel my soul when I escape to the peaceful quiet of beautiful nature.  Nature showers me with strength and love.  I know that just because I might mostly use one consciousness I still have others and as I open to those various planes of consciousness, I attain an insight and feeling into those various planes.  I know that once I have access to a new plane, I need to use it or I will lose it.  I also know that each plane is a stepping stone to the next plane of evolvement, of   consciousness.

Self Programming

I know I have many thoughts and actions that can range from A to Z but the ones that I repeat most often are the first ones my subconscious automatically sends to me.  If I act quickly my actions and thoughts are predictable as I have wired my brain according to my habits and instincts that are driven by what is stored in my subconscious mind.  I should monitor my every thought, deed, word, intent and ask did they serve me, is this who I want to be, what truly lies behind them.  I know if I want to be a calm loving spiritual person and someone can make me into something else with only a honk of a horn, a tone of voice, or what I perceive as rudeness, I am giving them more power over who I am than I give to myself.

I understand that whenever there is a significant connection between my present physical condition and a previous lifetime event, there is a connecting link in my energy system/cell memory that my subconscious mind wants me to know and works through my dreams, through unusual fears, or the creation of patterns of behavior.  I am blessed when this information leads to learning and releasing and hurt if it leads to self doubt, resentment, or anger.

I know that my brain’s structure, how my brain neurons have been connected, changes in response to how it is being used and it is my brain’s structure that influences my behavior, thinking, and what I am going to do with my life.  I know that my brain will change to help me become what I choose to be.  I know that if I choose to be violent, my brain will respond by changing in ways that make me more violent and coarse and if I choose a life of compassion and kindness, my brain will respond by helping me manifest those qualities.  When making these choices I have to use my free will and not my habits and instincts.

I know that if I want to be calm, peaceful, centered, and joyful and less restless, angry, and fearful I need to energize and de-energize those parts of my brain that would accomplish this.  I know that it is my activities that energize my brain and that a single activity will energize one part while at the same time de-energize another part.

I know that good meditation techniques properly alters brain structure and functioning just as proper physical training improves my physical body and that the more routinely I do of either the better the results.

Introspection is the Key to Evolving

I know that understanding leads to release which leads to change and that I cannot change without releasing, without passing through to new realms of self, through walls of fear, opening new doors of opportunity.  I understand that believing is essential and doing is brave.

I know the roots of my character are unconscious and that when I relax my body and conscious mind I can pull information containing feelings and sometimes images, sounds, and smells out of my subconscious mind and make my conscious mind aware of them.  This symbolic information has significant meaning to me and helps me understand the roots of my perceptual responses, life values, and personality formation.   I know this regression process is powerful and it can improve my character quickly and easily by increasing awareness about myself better than any other method, and it does so not only through new understandings consciously, but also experientially and unconsciously.

I have learned that when we have quieted our minds we can ask our spiritual consciousness questions and get answers to these questions.  We might ask what is keeping me from moving forward and we will get an answer and the first answer is the one that the conscious mind has played with the least.  We can then ask what we need to do to move forward.  The answer might sound silly but do it anyway.  Additional questions and answers will clarify the meaning of the answers and help us ask better questions.

I know that especially in midlife, in order for me to evolve I need to explore my subconscious mind and acknowledge parts of me that are beginning to stir the pot.  Rather than assuming family or job, or anything else is the cause of a difficulty, at midlife I should consider the possibility that my inner self, is the root of a difficulty.  The more I embrace all parts of me in a healthy manner with all the internal conflict that may bring, the closer I move toward being centered and more connected to my life purpose and I begin the process of becoming a co-creator with the universal forces.

I know a part of my mind protects the status quo of my beliefs and I call it the gatekeeper.  My gatekeeper keeps the gates open for anything right or wrong that is in agreement with my existing beliefs.   If new beliefs are to get past my gatekeeper, my conscious mind has to wholeheartedly want to let in that new belief and I, in a relaxed state, must visualize how those new ideas and beliefs would make me feel or behave for them to enter my subconscious.  I am aware that the beliefs of doctors, schoolteachers, preachers, motivational speakers, and others can also bypass my gatekeeper if I think they know more than I do and especially so if I am feeling a strong emotion such as love or fear, anger or grief.

Self Healing

 In 1995, the National Institute of Health reported that meditation and visualization and other relaxation techniques are often better treatment for a variety of illnesses than is drugs & surgery. I have learned that each of us have three billion letters describing our genetic code or DNA and 99.9% of those letters are identical within all of us. What makes us unique as individuals is a combination of environmental effects and genetic variations mostly consisting of changes to single letters of DNA scattered throughout each of our genome.  (Source:  Creation of Health: Merging Traditional Medicine with Intuitive Diagnosis by C. Norman Shealy and Caroline M. Myss).  This may explain how genes program some of us to one day face cancer or heart disease and why miniscule differences in our DNA could explain why some people respond positively to certain drugs while others do not.  We can stack illness contributors on top of each other and that stack can teeter and collapse at any time but the higher the stack the more unstable it is.  Start with genetic code, add smoking, then lack of exercise, poor diet, excess weight, exposure to germs and bacteria, and finally our emotions and it is usually when we ad our emotions anywhere in the stack that it falls depending on how much stress is packed into those emotions.

I understand that stress is devastating to the body and understand it is not life’s events that cause stress but rather my reaction to those events that causes the stress and I can choose my reaction to all events.  I understand that chronic diseases develop as a result of mostly unconscious continual dysfunctional emotional fears, spiritual patterns, and resentments that create ongoing stress.  These unconscious patterns blend into what I may consider my personality or basic nature and I can find myself continually irritated, angry, or anxious without necessarily knowing what the cause of the tension is.  Cancer leads to introspection and introspection teaches us that we are alive so we can challenge obstacles that prevent me from exploring my development.  Cancer is an indication that something is taking place inside of me that has sufficient force to prevent me either from successfully entering into the next phase of my life or from furthering my emotional, psychological, and spiritual growth.  My health will not tolerate prolonged obstacles to my growth.  Disease is a messenger and we should remember the messenger is not the enemy.

I know there is a continuous connection between my mind and my body and my body responds positively or negatively to my thoughts and emotions.  I know that I must first identify negative emotions at their roots and develop ways of releasing them.  I know that my imagination is powerful and that I can use it to set in motion the responses I want my body to make.  I know that if I use my imagination with enough determination I can transform myself away from anger, self-pity, intolerance, ego, and illness and toward kindness, calmness, forgiveness, service, love; and, the more I move in this direction the more I can recover from progressive disease, hopeless illness, and a troubled life.  The more positive I think, the healthier I am.  I know that if I live a life devoid of love or of any degree of human warmth, I am a prime candidate for disease.  I know that laughter and a good sense of humor creates a barrier that disease has a hard time penetrating.  I know that that when I participate in the natural give and take of life, that if I am flexible, and respond to the needs of others and reach for what I need from a position of inner strength and confidence, have an effective voice in making my own choices, disease has a much harder time sticking to me.

I know that when I am open and determined to visualize with my mind without any pessimism, I can control the connection that exists between my mind and body–a body that is otherwise reacting to my non-orchestrated changing thoughts and emotions.  I know that what can be spontaneous healing for some can take two years for less determined others.  I know that my body responds to the messages of my mind exactly as I transmit them.  I visualize my body as fully healthy now and do not build time into the healing process. I believe that for me to be truly healed, not just relieved of symptoms, or be in remission, I must invoke the power of compassion for myself and others and at that point I would be in a position to heal others as well.

I know my automatic responses come from my subconscious and when I do the same thing in the same way, with enough repetition my subconscious will make it a habit.  Observing others can help me understand how my habits might be changed to serve my health.  I need to ask why do some people laugh when others get angry, why do some retreat when others charge, and charge when others retreat, regardless of the appropriate action?  Who seems to breathe shallow and who breathes deeply, who seems to smile the most?  I know that if I were to suffer from depression or chronic illness there are subconscious tools to deal with unfinished business of my past and accelerate and enhance my healing process.  I know that it is not the germ but the soil the germ lands on that cultivates illness and therefore I can be exposed to germs without becoming ill because germs do not grow on me.

Rebuilding the Brain

I know that if I create a vivid enough picture in my mind, my brain will not be able to tell if the picture is real or imagined.  I know I can create neural networks by imagining something with enough intensity and focus that to my brain it will seem real and I can use this technique for healing purposes.  I know that I can form new neural networks by seeing and doing the same things repeatedly.  For example, I know that actors bring characters to life by observing and rehearsing.  I know that if I play the role of a joyful person over and over again I will form the neuron connections that will make me joyful even if I have been clinically diagnosed depressed and I can heal myself of that depression.

I understand that when I try to understand something new, I use what I already know to help me understand the new–I try to use my existing neuron connections.  I can best understand the new when neurons that did not previously connect do and a new neural network forms.  I know that this is more difficult for me to do if my connections used for creative understanding have not yet been built and if the new information were too far from what I was familiar I would reject it and that rejected information could have been very enlightening.

I know that the amygdale part of my brain gets active when I feel threatened even if no threat actually exists and that my amygdale can be calmed and overridden almost instantly by the cognitive regions of my brain that are associated with higher thought and with inhibition and control of reflexive responses.  I know that when the amygdale part of my brain gets stimulated when there is no actual threat it is because of what is stored in my subconscious mind and I need to explore there the roots of that stimulation.

I understand that insight and creativity begin when I break out of the thinking rut I am in and restructure the problem in a new way that allows me to increase the slower frequency waves in my brain that would help me make new and distant associations between previously unconnected concepts.  I know that if I practice solving easy problems more intuitively I activate my anterior superior temporal gyrus (aSTG) and the more I exercise this part of my brain I will be able to intuitively solve more difficult problems.

I know by using meditation processes I can get my brain into slower frequencies that will help me create new associations and spatial solutions to the questions I am asking.  I know that my thoughts and ideas cause a physical reaction and that what I expect tends to be realized.  I also know that Imagination is more powerful than knowledge when dealing with my mind or the mind of another.  I understand that an emotionally induced symptom tends to cause physical change if it persists long enough.


I accept that religion cannot do for me what I fail to do.  I believe the spirit of the Bible, Koran, Gita, etc. live on forever and it is best that I stay away from groups that study and quote literal interpretations of our great religious books that tend to divide us instead of bringing us together in harmony.

I understand that If I were to ask who has the truest teachings of Jesus, Mohammed, Moses, Buddha, Krishna respectively the answer would depend on who I asked.  I recognize the divine-Consciousness, whether it is through Jesus, or Buddha, or Mohammed, or Moses, or Krishna etc. is personal and it is the person that stays tuned to their chosen one without forcing themselves on others that is nearest to the divine-Consciousness.

I understand that the highest aim of religion is self knowledge and therefore I need to be introspective.  I know that my evolvement ends when I have closed attachment to the old that prohibits me from opening to the new.  I believe at the core of all religions there is unity and harmony—that interpretations differentiate religions and divide.  Religion should be able to teach us and guide us into ways to unite globally and open us to allowing God and his love to come into our lives.

I know that everything on earth has a vibration including myself.  When I evolve I better tune my vibration to the divine vibration.  It might help to think of tuning forks.  When a tuning fork is struck it vibrates to its tuned note and causes other tuning forks of the same note to vibrate leaving other forks tuned to other notes silent.  I want to vibrate only to the more evolved notes.

I am  aware there are millions of solar systems moving around in space and like our solar system might move through energy/vibration zones described in our  oldest religions and am aware that these zones were given characteristics tied to their Sanskrit names as follows. Kali Yuga is the most primitive zone. Dwapara Yuga is a more modern zone having more spirituality.  Treta Yuga is a very advanced and evolved zone.  Satya Yuga is the Golden zone where love and peace and divine connection exist everywhere.  Daiva Yuga is the zone that begins the return back through the less evolved previous zones.  According  to our  oldest religions, Earth spends a few thousand years getting into and out of each of these zones.  Earth is about to enter Treta Yuga.   Sanskrit is regarded as the ancient language in Hinduism, where it was used as a means of communication and dialogue by the Hindu Celestial Gods, and then by the Indo-Aryans. Sanskrit is also widely used in Jainism, Buddhism, and Sikhism.

Becoming Spiritual

I treat my relationship to God, or the God-Force, as a partnership and less as a child-parent relationship.  I understand there is co-creation and I have personal responsibility, that a small but powerful piece of God or the God-force is within me and that it is not God’s will that makes me healthy or ill for instance; it is the creative power of being positive or negative.  I understand my tendencies to be positive or negative come from my subconscious mind and memories stored in my cells.  In regards to illness, wanting to live is not near as powerful as wanting to heal, for living implies getting back to what I was doing and healing implies confronting my life openly and honestly which leads to an organic cleansing of my inner self.

I know if my mind dwells upon spiritual things it becomes spiritual.  If my mind dwells upon self-indulgences, self-aggrandizement, self-exaltation, selfishness in any form it becomes that. In each instance, it is what I do that defines who I am.   I know I am worthy and guilt and fear do not serve me.  I should not dwell on whether I was right or wrong in the past and instead ask does what I do now and in the future truly fit with my definition of who I want to be which, requires me to define in advance the person I want to be.  To choose what is best for me requires wisdom; to choose what is most efficient for me requires deciding if I want to be an artist or cowboy.

I know I should spend more time with more evolved persons.  I can begin to see and make in myself the goodness I see in another and likewise the bad. I need to recognize good and praise and honor it in others.  I know I can simply bring my body to meetings, seminars, and workshops where I can let it hang out with evolving people.

I believe my spiritual guide(s) will help get information to me one way or another.  That is why it is so important to learn to tune into my intuition, inner guidance, gut instinct.  I can fine-tune my ability to receive spiritual guidance.  I feel it in my chest.  I know I have to be careful to not confuse my habits and instincts which have led to my tendencies with my guidance.

I know that as I awaken to a stronger degree of personal responsibility I become another vibration for peace on this planet.  I believe my initiative toward becoming and staying healthy helps me become peaceful and self empowered.

The Power of Understanding

I define reincarnation as the process of learning who I truly am and discovering my true ultimate goal.  I should stay in the present.  I realize changing and evolving takes time, is a step-by-step process, and that I will limp through life if I don’t place all my weight on my current step before I take my next step.

I should dive deeper within self. I can experience more joy in my life if I could just understand more about what this life is about and why it is shared with the people I share it with.  I know I have a hand in creating my dramas and that I wear my past actions and thoughts on my face, create my challenges, and bring to me the people that surround me.  I realize likeness attracts likeness—that good things come to happy people including other happy people, that angry sarcastic negative people collect other angry sarcastic negative people.  I shall look around, observe, and see who I am collecting around me.

I know I should not judge the right or wrong of others based on my own current values as if they were the right and perfect ones for everyone at any time and I will not require others to define themselves according to my current terms.

I know it is wise to understand the situation and the needs and wants of others before I bother getting my needs explained; I succeed when I serve before seeking to be served; and I get to serve when others accept that I understand and want to serve and not just be served.

I know that the more I chase the more allusive the prey whereas acting and thinking like the person I want to become produces that in my experience.   I know I should not have to have a little more time, money, or love before I allow myself to smile often.  I can choose to be happy or sad, angry or peaceful, hateful or loving, forgiving or revengeful.

The Unconscious Mind

I know my conscious mind is limited to analyzing, rationalizing, doing arithmetic, and giving me right and wrong reasons to continue doing the good and bad things I do.   I know my unconscious mind tells me whether something is smooth or rough, hot or cold, sad or funny, and painful or pleasurable. It feels. The unconscious is my emotional mind.

I know I have feelings about everything in my life, but most of the time these emotions are beneath my conscious awareness in my unconscious mind but from time to time my unconscious will reveal some emotions to my conscious mind allowing me to be aware of a fuller range of emotions. Introspection, meditation, spiritual study, and service to others are key to my evolvement.

I know my unconscious protects me from both real danger and imagined danger and this ability can lead to phobias.  Fear of heights is a common phobia.  There may be something in one’s unconscious that creates fear of heights due to some past event that needs to be explored and released from the unconscious.

I am aware that opposing ideas cannot be held at the same time and that my behavior must match my belief system.  I know that once an idea has been accepted by the unconscious mind, it remains until replaced by another idea, and the longer an idea remains the more opposition there is in replacing it.

I know that I will survive my experiences and situations and either use time to numb feelings about those experiences or I can rewrite those experiences with my imagination.  I know that if I change the picture I change its meaning to me and my unconscious mind and I change my emotions from the experience.  I know that if I do this, after a while I will not be burdened with the negative pictures and they will simply stop coming.

Making Better Use of the Unconscious Mind

I understand that acting upon an intuitive suggestion and not just observing it, creates less opposition to successive suggestion.

I know that relaxing my body and conscious mind and just allowing concepts, ideas, images, and answers to come to me allows me to work with my unconscious mind and that the greater the conscious effort, the less the unconscious response.

I understand that long repetition does not allow my brain to encode as well as it can in distributed practice incorporating periodic rest and that while practice makes perfect, perfect will not endure if practice is crammed.  I know that my brain needs a consolidation period, even overnight, for brain chemicals to alter old synapses and cause neurons to make new connections that are enduring.

I know that just before I do an action like hitting a golf ball or answering a question, etc. that I perform expertly when the activity in the left hemisphere of my brain, activity associated with analyzing my swing and planning my mechanics, or weighing my answer, etc., quiets down allowing my brain’s right hemisphere, associated with integrative and holistic thinking, to take over; and when my brain does not hand off activity to its right hemisphere just in time, I perform poorly.  I can train my brain to handoff better through neurofeedback or practice.

I should learn to relax and trust more my intuitive capabilities.

Developing Your True Self

I know that it is the group with which I identify with and not my individual personality that often determines my behavior and that I begin to see what the group sees and stop seeing some of the things that I was seeing or would see as an individual. I know that I can change myself by joining a group, making new friends, or even changing jobs and I should do so only with my eyes wide open.

I know that if I leave a group I will see more nuances and have more flexibility and doubt about that group’s thinking and become less convinced of what I was saying and doing as part of that group.  I understand the groups I join or share time with whether it just be friends or employers is very important and it doesn’t change with age—young or old, I am influenced by my group.  I also know that groups inculcate a sense of belonging and hence obligation to a group, the merits of which I would recognize if I were a freer thinking individual.

What I do for another, good or bad, I do for myself and what I fail to do for another, good or bad, I fail to do for myself.  I understand that what is good for another is good for me, and what is bad for me is bad for another.  True for individuals, teams, businesses, governments.

I understand that in relationships between two people, two societies, two businesses, or even two nations, if who we really are is a person or entity that is considerate, caring, sharing, compassionate, and loving we will attract others of similar nature.

I understand that if who we really are is a being/entity who does not love the self, and who allows the self to be abused, damaged, and destroyed by others, then we will continue behaviors which allow us to experience that.

The Power of Observation

I understand that it is difficult to help others before they are ready; my help will have long-term appreciation if it is not self-serving in its nature.

I will evolve through introspection.  I have to better see what works for me. I understand that my evolution is slower when I sleep walk through life or keep redefining who I am.  I am aware that when my instincts and habits unconsciously guide me I do not progress.

I am aware that if I consciously do things based on what I feel I am instead of the person I want to become I am slowing my evolvement.  My current idea of what works for me changes based on what I think I am trying to do.  I know that from time to time I say and do things according to how I feel I am positioned and when this happens I am surprised for it is usually unexpected.

I can observe conduct to determine levels of evolvement.  When I see someone using another to satisfy greed or obtain singular body pleasures I see lower evolvement.  When I see acts of oneness, love, support, and sharing I see higher evolvement.

Every decision I make, large or small, including what I think, how I think, what I say, how I say it, what I do, how I do it, how I help, who I help, how I treat others, what I eat, what I don’t eat, what I smoke and drink, what I don’t smoke and drink, who my friends-business associates-customers-vendors-spouse are/is, allows me to see who I currently am.  Awareness of these decisions is my first step to tweaking my decision tendencies.

Being Who You Want to Be

I should monitor my thoughts and actions and continuously ask if they serve who I want to be.  I am what I think, say, and do.  I must take care in what I choose to consciously do and think about because once it is in my subconscious mind I might have to do it repeatedly and compulsively as a habit or instinct.  True for individuals, societies, and businesses.

My thoughts and actions should not be someone else’s toy but in reality would be if I mimic or react to someone’s demeanor during a circumstance.  If I say staying calm, peaceful, supportive, loving is descriptive of who I am, responding to someone’s anger with anger would mean I was not yet the person of my vision.

When I honestly feel truth and stop holding on to attachment or pain, I become free—a Divine expression of life and very inspiring.  When I no longer hold on to a negative thought or attachment or a feeling of incompleteness I  proceed with grace and begin learning through wisdom and joy rather than through pain and suffering.

Resolving my losses, traumas, and distresses that occur in life is important.  I need to allow myself to feel my experiences and go through the stages of resolution in order to free myself of their baggage.  I need to be angry, grieve, work through situations, and feel the frustration, panic, and insecurities.  Ultimately I need to forgive, let go, and move on.   If I cannot forgive and let go, the experience is not resolved.

Sometimes forgiving makes me feel like I am judging so instead I accept that sometimes paths cross and it is a learning experience when they do.  In this case I appreciate having the learning experience and as such there is no bitterness or regret.  I know similar experiences will be less likely but if they cross my path again I will be better able to recognize and handle them.  The only experience that is good is the one I learn from and then move forward with peace and love and without bitterness, fear, or hate.


If I hold on to feelings of inadequacy, since of lacking, mistrust, or shame, the experience is not resolved–I carry baggage into my next personal or business relationships.

I understand that appearances are deceiving–things are not as they seem—that life is an incredible journey but I need to be aware, fully conscious, or I don’t even know what my journey is about.

I don’t want to just play my roles, react, suffer, try to control, repeat mistakes, live blindly, and stay stuck in the endless life cycles doing things over and over and over again.  I need to wake up, have courage, and explore and face my challenges with eyes open, mind open, and spirit full.  I create all my dramas and delusions and experiences.  My natural birthright is my free will. I am free to make my choices as I wish.

I am free to continue creating these dramas and suffering their consequences and do so because of my accumulated habits and instincts.  I have free will, but until I recognize that I am cruising through life using only my habits and not actually using my free will can I progress or digress.  Until I tire of the perpetuation of these dramas and the suffering and feelings of being separate will I fully use the power of my free will.

Happiness is elusive when I lack desire to progress, when I am self-satisfied, and when I am spiritually skeptical.  I know that the lack of constant effort to know the truth constantly eats at my happiness.

Mastering Emotions

I am aware that very few people are able to use their powers of free choice exclusively to make themselves what they want to be in life.  I am aware that the majority of people passively allow themselves to grow without purpose, undirected, according to the good or sinister influences of their prenatal and postnatal habits, or according to the patterns of passing moods engendered by specific environments.

I know that pain has been made available to me to help me see a greater wisdom and joy outside the material world that is available in the spiritual world if I seek it.  If I don’t know something better exists and the inferior product isn’t giving me any trouble I go along with the motto of if its not broke don’t fix it.

I am aware that I create and inherit my emotions—that they are forms of energy that are expressed in my body, my ways of thinking, and my physical environment.  I am aware that my emotions create my illusion of reality.

I can view a certain event in many different ways and have a multitude of dissimilar internal reactions to the same event based on how my emotions have programmed me to interpret information to create my own reality.  I can erroneously interpret actions, deeds or words of others; create misunderstandings and unpleasant experiences because of the delusion my emotions create.

My decision making, ways I act and think, are based on my conscious and unconscious storehouse of emotions motivating me in certain directions of interpreting my experiences and situations.  I know I need to allow new ideas to sit off to the side until I am ready to be open to them, to explore them with a more evolved mind that evolves through persistence and openness and stagnates with quick judgments.

Decision Making

What I do with my lessons, what choices I make when dealing with things that happen to me are important.  I need to observe carefully and consciously at how I react, what I think, and what I do.  I need to be true to myself, be willing to look at my problems, neurosis, and situations and truly see how I deal with life.

I am going to find myself in good and bad circumstances.  I should not run from one to another without learning and changing and redefining or confirming who I am.

I should be careful not to define a situation as negative based on dogma of any type or from any source.   I should give more trust to my own feelings about what is true and apply that to my own definitions of who I am–which changes.

I know that I carry on a personal inner-dialog and it is ongoing.  I understand that it is important that this dialogue be positive, peaceful, sometimes humorous, non-aggravating, non-stressful, serving, and connecting me with my higher self.  I understand that every once-in- a-while I should describe what I have been hearing and feeling and write it on paper—after awhile I will have a fascinating read.

I believe my outside circumstances in life will mirror my internal self and I must improve myself before my outer circumstances improve—the effect cannot precede the cause. I shall dive deeper within self and know that I can experience more joy in my life if I could just understand more about what this life is about and why it is shared with the people I share it with.

Letting Others Be Themselves

I believe that I am a divine soul and I believe you are too; that we always carry the divine force within us whether we tune in to it or not or whether we feel it or not. I believe that my ultimate goal is to be reunited with the divine energy and that I am evolving spiritually—sometimes faster than other times and sometimes I backtrack but ultimately I move forward spiritually.

I believe that I am on the Path when I have found peace of body and mind and I have strayed onto a steeper and longer path when I think the path I am on is the only right path and everybody should be on it with me.

I choose to believe that with the help of my spiritual guides, I chose my parents based on what I wanted to accomplish in this lifetime.  I choose to believe this because it gives me perspective for self-study as it is with these parents that this lifetime began.

I believe the shadow I cast is composed of how I react to others and to situations.  A dark shadow is cast if I become frustrated or impatient with people, situations, or events or if I become annoyed or irritated with someone’s behavior for that irritating behavior is reflecting some aspect of myself that I can examine.

I believe that once I let someone else’s behavior go, wish them the best of luck, let them create their own dramas, just let it all go, then I have resolved and accepted something inside of myself, these kinds of people won’t keep coming into my life, and my shadow becomes lighter.


My goal is to evolve.  In the meantime, I can rethink life’s purpose, and do and think what will help me absorb more of the light.  There is plenty of light for everyone.  I believe when I ask for guidance and allow my soul to be an active participant in my life while using less of my ego, I evolve and feel more worthy of the divine.

Instinctively, I evolve from someone who seeks pleasures that the body notices and who uses the five senses of smell, touch, hearing, sight, and taste to determine truth or reality and evolve into someone who seeks pleasures that the soul notices and who senses oneness with all and uses intuition to know truth.  I believe what I cause another to experience, I will one day experience, or, said differently, I will do unto others as I would have it done unto me, or, what goes around comes around.

I know that Wisdom brings peace and when I seek truth and understanding I am expanding myself.  I know that attaining wisdom initially is like learning a second language but as I gain wisdom it comes more easily just like learning a third or fourth language does.  I can speed up wisdom attainment if I relinquish my favorite views and stop resisting change and growth.

I know that success is merely achieving mastery of my calling and that it takes dedication to be a master.  I know that if I choose a calling that allows me to do what I like to do, and then do it to the best of my ability, I will be a success.  I understand that I do not need a high IQ to be a genius unless I want to solve hefty mathematical equations; I can be a genius in my chosen field by having a determined, positive, spiritual, imaginative, and open mind.

I know I am virtuous when I work with interest and desire to help others, have creative spiritual ambition, calmness, courage, an unconquerable attitude, tolerance, patience, and peace.  I know I am not being virtuous when I have doubt, mental fatigue, worry, indifference, boredom, fear, restlessness, timidity, mental and physical laziness, overindulge in anything, an unmethodical life, lack of interest, lack of creative initiative.  I am aware that emotion consists of grief, anger, envy, fear, and/or love.  I am aware that ultimately all thoughts derive from love or fear.


I know that in first half of life I go to school, find a career, make relationships, perhaps get married and have children.  These activities ground me in earth life and create the perspective I use to explore my inner world in the second half of life.  At midlife I should take a fresh look at myself and ask if I have succeeded in my goals and if so ask what is next and if not think about why.  But my big question is am I doing what I came into this life to do?  Do I feel a gap between who I am and who I want to be?  Do I feel that time is running out and if so am I tempted to act out in ways that cause pain to myself and loved ones?  I know the latter third of my life should become more and more spiritual and at age 45 to 50 I need to make sure I am moving in that direction.

I know that the truth shall set me free, set me free of myself.  Obeying the divine law of charity to all, love to all, finding fault with none, being patient with all, showing brotherly love and brotherly kindness in thought, purpose, and intent will free me from chaos and destructive forces.  If my life is disturbing, if I have a sad heart or have pain in my body somewhere in my total existence I have bungled the law, or have had tendencies to bungle the Law that have yet to be fully recognized or corrected.  I can do better and am blessed when I get a friendly nudge for it is better to recognize the friendly nudges and act upon them rather than requiring the hard pokes before I make changes in my thinking, purpose, and intent.  I should not think of my body as a haphazard machine or that things that happen to me by chance.  I believe that which comes or begins first is conceived in spirit, grows in the mental, manifests in the material.

I know Michelangelo was right when he said “The greater danger for most of us is not that our aim is too high and we miss it, but that it is too low and we reach it.” But I also know that an eagle thrives on a lofty perch while a quail thrives in the brush. I know my goals should reflect my unlimited true nature.  I also know that I should help others achieve what they want for themselves whether it be a quail or an eagle.

I know eventually we are all going to evolve spiritually—some faster than others—some willingly—some kicking and screaming, but evolve we will.  For those bodies and minds that are hooked on drugs, alcohol, sex, power, greed, ego, hate, and fear or are starving, wet, cold, diseased—evolving spiritually is most difficult.  Just surviving another day is the challenge.  When the great majority of us advance spiritually we will all be healthier, our planet will be cleaner, our prisons will be far less full and more spiritually focused, there will be global peace, and our economy and technology will be more global.

I know that everything white such as refined flour, sugar, grains and fats from red meat are bad while brown things such as whole unpolished grains and natural sugar in fruits and honey are good.  I know that when eating meat it should be very lean meat.  I know that lots of fruit and vegetables in my diet is mandatory for good health. I know that dark leafy greens like spinach, collards, kale and mustard greens are good for me as are  blueberries and strawberries, and that eating fish like salmon, mackerel, and sardines two or three times a week is great for my heart.  I also know my diet should include Almonds, walnuts, hazelnuts, and pecans, as well as Broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cauliflower, and cabbage.  I also know that I should exercise regularly and stretch, and I Know I should always think positively, and recognize and then release old fears, angers, and resentments.

Leadership Traits–The Concept of Self-Actualization

The Concept of Self-Actualization

Let’s let Maslow help us with this question of leadership traits. Maslow picked out a group of people whom he felt clearly met the standard of what he called self-actualized.  Included in this group were Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Jefferson, Albert Einstein, Eleanor Roosevelt, Jane Adams, William James, Albert Schweitzer, Benedict Spinoza, and Alduous Huxley, plus 12 unnamed people who were alive at the time Maslow did his research. He developed a list of qualities that seemed characteristic of these people.

  • These people could differentiate what is fake and dishonest from what is real and genuine.
  • They treated life’s difficulties as problems demanding solutions, not as personal troubles to be railed at or surrendered to.
  • They felt that the ends don’t necessarily justify the means–the journey was often more important than the destination.
  • They enjoyed solitude, were comfortable being alone, enjoyed deeper personal relations with a few close friends and family members, rather than more shallow relationships with many people.
  • They enjoyed autonomy and were not susceptible to social pressure to be well adjusted or to fit in.
  • They preferred to joke at their own expense or at the human condition instead of directing their humor at others.
  • They had a quality he called acceptance of self and others.   This same acceptance applied to their attitudes towards themselves.
  • They enjoyed their personal quirks if they were not harmful and they were motivated to change negative qualities in themselves that could be changed.
  • They preferred being themselves rather than being pretentious or artificial.
  • They had a sense of humility and respect towards others, were open to ethnic and individual variety, even treasuring it.
  • They had a quality Maslow called human kinship accompanied by strong ethics, which was spiritual but seldom conventionally religious in nature.
  • They tended to see ordinary things with wonder and from this were creative, inventive, and original.
  • And, finally, these people tended to have more experiences that made them feel very tiny, or very large, to some extent one with life or nature or God.

These people were not this way all the time so they still had some work to do at their soul level.  For example, while they were not neurotic, some did experience anxiety and guilt and some were absentminded and overly kind and some experienced unexpected moments of ruthlessness, surgical coldness, and loss of humor.

Their values were natural and seemed to flow effortlessly from their personalities.  Maslow also defined self-actualizers by identifying their needs in order to be happy.  Here is his list.

  1. Truth,
  2. Goodness
  3. Beauty
  4. Unity
  5. Aliveness
  6. Uniqueness
  7. Perfection and necessity
  8. Completion
  9. Justice and order
  10. Simplicity.
  11. Richness
  12. Effortlessness
  13. Playfulness
  14. Self-sufficiency
  15. Meaningfulness

Maslow believes that much of the what is wrong with the world comes down to the fact that very few people really are interested in these values — not because they are bad people, but because they haven’t even had their basic needs taken care of and, when forced to live without these values, the self-actualizer develops depression, despair, disgust, alienation, and a degree of cynicism.

I would say that the characteristics of Maslow’s self actualizers would be good characteristics of leaders and I would add that to the extent people had these characteristics, they would be good leaders.

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